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Taking them into consideration, this is a good moment to ask yourself again “Am I socially awkward?” If the conclusion of this self-assessment is that you are socially awkward, this is likely an issue with a visible negative impact on your life.You let your child run around the house naked from the waist-down at home because that's the latest potty training technique — but when he whips off his pants in the grocery story because he has to pee, you get embarrassed and scold him so other people don't think you condone exhibitionism. " This teaches your child to blame others for his/her own actions.That sends mixed signals and will only set you both up for failure. I'm pretty sure we could all tell a pretty good embarrassing story about our kids. Is a 2-year-old really responsible for you choosing to yell at them?You could have much better relationships and be a lot happier if you deal with this effectively.I have three essential pieces of advice I can offer you.Why do you need proof that cheating is occurring to acknowledge that you don’t feel safe in the relationship?Speak up, confront the issue head on, and have a conversation about it. Go and have a real conversation about that twisting feeling in your gut.

I saw a husband and wife sharing a single Linked In account. Why would you share a career profile on a virtual resume site? No connection to a real living or dead person or existing or closed business is made or implied.

That’s because everyone you contact becomes a member of your network: Most of those people may not profile as “business” or “professional” contacts, per se, but they’re part of your network and thus your professional life.

In fact, even if you’re on mat leave, still in college, backpacking, vacationing, parenting, socializing or otherwise wearing your “non-career” hat, the contact you make may influence your future career and business. I wrote this article on common email address mistakes because of a random discovery on Linked In.

We hear it over and over again; every book, article and TV show confirms it: Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. Is raising a happy, healthy, well-behaved child truly more difficult than rocket science? D or are we — as parents — looking to get off the hook for being judged for our parenting fails? So I have taken my years of field study in the arena of coaching parents and compiled this list ...

Here are the top 10 parenting fails and how to prevent them.1.