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He would flick effortlessly between Spanish, French, Portuguese and English at parties – and the girls were swooning over him. like somehow his polyglot love potion had splashed onto me. Then for some strange reason, she’d not be as friendly any more and would even sometimes roll her eyes! He was a good listener, patient, wise, and a really good friend.Didn’t she realize that she was it, it’s a lot harder to see outside your thought box that reasons: “To impress a girl, I must show her how impressive I am”. I met my polyglot friend again around two years later in his home country of Brazil, and saw the same thing – girls giving him flirty eyes everywhere we went. You could get all this just from spending a few minutes with him.It just so happened that his relaxed nature around women made him appear confident and attractive to the opposite sex.People who are always trying to impress sometimes achieve the opposite of what they set out to do.According to the Dove Cosmetics international survey on beauty, 96% of women do not consider themselves to be beautiful. Why are modern women so insecure about their beauty?

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A woman’s attraction is mostly based on what you say and do in her presence.

The more ways you can make a woman feel attracted to you while interacting with her, the more intense her desire to have sex with you will be. As a guy, you have to actively make a woman feel attracted to you when you interact with her.

Don’t expect her to feel attracted on her own for some random or magical reason.

When interacting with a woman for 5 minutes, you can easily set off 5, 10, 15 or even 20 different attraction triggers.

When you make her feel attracted in many different ways at once, she naturally feels sexually attracted to you and will experience a strong desire to have sex with you.