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K., or Eindhoven, Holland tube factory (after Philips Electronics bought Mullard in the '60s) The differences in the 2 facilitie's tubes are in the bases - color and size, and the getters. H = Aug), and the '2' is another date code, the week. In the 'xf1' case the 'B' is Blackburn, the '1' is 1961, the 'E' is May, and '2' is the 2nd week of May. This is information I've rcv'd/learned from Vacuum Tube Valley magazine, and also from working for Philips Electronics - Electron Optics Division (based in Eindhoven, Holland) from 1984 - 1998.

A lot of questions have been asked about when a tube is made, so here you go, a quick guide on how to decipher the date codes.

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If you wish to replace any images in existing threads that use Photobucket links and you find you cannot, please send a PM to Whitecat and we will try and sort it out. Mullard as far as I know is British tube brand from the past, known for high quality, not a specific tube type.

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